For small businesses, aiming big goals

My name is Alexandra Li and I am a marketing consultant for small businesses. I help entrepreneurs to find their place on market, to define positioning, target audience and marketing strategy.

I worked 11 years in marketing and sales, including leading marketing and sales departments in one of the world largest retail chains.

I am not a magician and I may not know the answers to all your questions, but I have a strategic thinking, dive deep into every project and treat business of my clients as my own business.

I believe that a great product and care about customers is the essence of any business success.
Structured recommendations with a preliminary analysis of your situation

Skype call or any other communication channel you prefer. If you are in Budapest we can arrange a personal meeting.

You get the following recommendations:
How to determine the positioning of your business and build a competitive advantage.
How to analyze your target audience and what to do next.
What communication channels are the best for your product/service.
Where to start, what steps you can skip and how not to get confused by the recommendations you find in the Internet.

Prior to the consultation I make an express review of your market environment and the current situation of your business, then I develop my recommendations based on the research results.

Marketing strategy consultation is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps in a business or want to update their strategy at any stage. It also suits those who have the desire and time to delve into the basic principles of marketing, but need some help in finding the right direction, or want to discuss their own ideas. Those who do not believe in the secret tricks of increasing sales, but simply want to grow their business normally will also find this type of consultation useful.

90 €
2 hours

The service request and preliminary discussion is free.
An hour-long brainstorming conversation, during which we look at your business, ideas and difficulties from different angles, twist them like a rubik's cube, opening up new facets.

I don't make a preliminary analysis of the market or your business, but use my experience and common sense (believe me, this is more than enough for my clients to leave with a notebook full of notes and a thoughtful look :)).
The result of this consultation looks like a list of questions to yourself, answering which you will get the right direction. As a bonus you get an understanding of priorities and focus and several new ideas for development. Express consultation makes it clear for you where the gaps are and what in the business strategy as a whole should be refined.
This type of consultation is meant for entrepreneurs who understand that their business is not going smoothly, but are not sure exactly what to do with it. It also can help those who want to start their own business, but, have only an idea and do not have an action plan and understanding of the first steps. Also, it is great for those who want to find in me a marketing support for a complex project, but want to compare our approach to business first.

50 €
1 hour

A clear, realistic, and achievable set of actions to market or promote an existing product.

Marketing strategy development includes analysis of the market and competitors, recommendations on positioning and USP (a unique selling proposition, your stand out from competitors), target audience and communication channels FOR YOUR goals, ambitions, budget.

This service is meant for the entrepreneurs who want to start a business with the right steps right away or want to systematize the things that were being done intuitively. It will also help those who already have a marketing team or who are ready to delegate some work in the nearest future. Those who realistically look at investment in marketing and understand that there is no free promotion of a business at a serious stage of its development will also find this service effective.

When developing a marketing strategy, we are guided by YOUR business goals, budget and the desired pace of business development. While working, we keep in touch with you, immersing into your business and getting agreement on the key points. The outcome is not a pig in a poke for you, but a strategy that we have defined together.

1400 4000 €
3 6 weeks

The service request and preliminary discussion is free.
The price depends on the number of product lines and the market, the estimate is provided in the commercial offer.

An annual action plan in each approved marketing channel, with a breakdown of tasks by week.

This is your ready-made action plan for your team and a progress monitoring tool.
A marketing plan is a logical continuation of the marketing strategy. The strategy answers the question: "What are we doing?" an the plan gives an answer to the question: "How and by what means are we doing it?"

You get an annual action plan for each of the confirmed marketing channels, with a weekly breakdown of tasks. It is your ready-made action plan for your team and the monitoring tool of your team KPIs.

If you already have your own ready-made strategy (made with our help or not), we will develop a plan based on it. But if we consider your strategy inoperative/raw, we will ask you to refine it. Our customers receive only realistic and working plans, according to which they can achieve success in their business.

This service is meant for the entrepreneurs who are clear about their goals, product and target audience and is ready to start taking concrete steps in market promotion.

700 2500 €
6 weeks

The service request and preliminary discussion is free.
The price depends on the number of product lines and the market, the estimate is provided in the commercial offer.

I check out my email regularly, but if you have not received any feedback from me within two business days, please, feel free to get me on WhatsApp.
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