For small businesses, aiming big goals

My name is Alexandra Li and I am a marketing consultant for small businesses. I help entrepreneurs to find their place on market, to define positioning, target audience and marketing strategy.

I worked 11 years in marketing and sales, including leading marketing and sales departments in one of the world largest retail chains.

I am not a magician and I may not know the answers to all your questions, but I have a strategic thinking, dive deep into every project and treat business of my clients as my own business.

I believe that a great product and care about customers is the essence of any business success.
90 €
Skype call or any other communication channel you prefer.

You get the answers to the following questions:

  • HOW can I determine the positioning of my business?
  • HOW can I build the competitive advantage?
  • HOW can I identify and analyze my target audience?
  • WHICH CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION suit the best for my business promotion?
  • WHAT is my step-by-step startegy when developing my business? HOW pricey is it going to be in time and money?
Select this service, if

You are a start-up owner or you want to update the marketing strategy of your business.
You have a strong desire and time to delve into the basic principles of marketing, but need some help with direction definition, or want to discuss the ideas you have.
You get lost in the variety of marketing ideas present in the Internet but you do not believe in secret tricks that help increase sales by 10 times, If you just want to grow your business steadily.

The service request and preliminary discussion is FREE.
50 €
One-hour brain-storming Skype session.

You get my recommendations on the following items:

  • The direction - where to move the development of your business.
  • What part of the strategy to work on (product, target audience, promotion channels, service, etc.).
  • What marketing channels should be given the priority. I'll tell you if you should invest in ads right now or you need to refine your proposal first.
  • Whether you need to delegate marketing tasks at this stage, and what kind of specialists you need, etc.

Select this service, if

You are an entrepreneur who understands that your marketing strategy has some issues, but you are nor sure exactly what to do with it and need a piece of advice from the expert.
You are just planning to start up your own business, but you have no idea how to reach your goal and want to learn the steps you need to take on your way to success.
750 €
You get:

  • The competitor analysis
  • Positioning UTA (unique trading advantage)
  • Target audience portrait
  • Communication channels with an approximate budget calculatio

Select this service, if

You are an entrepreneur starting up a business
You want to update the marketing strategy of your business.
You do not have time to design the marketing startegy yourself.*

The service request and preliminary discussion is FREE.

*When developing a marketing strategy for you, I take into consideration YOUR business goals, budget and the desired pace of business development. During the work, I'm constantly keeping in touch with you, to get agreement on the key points. The result is not "a pig in a poke" for you, but a strategy that we define together.
I check out my email regularly, but if you have not received any feedback from me within two business days, please, feel free to get me on WhatsApp.
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